Monday, 18 January 2016

Beauty Tid Bits I've Learned!!

Hey Dolls,

As I was doing my makeup this morning, I started thinking about how much I have learned about beauty and makeup over the past few years, mostly from You Tube.  It's such an incredible dictionary and wealth of information these days and I'm thankful :)  I've rounded up a list of 7 top things that I have learned since becoming involved in this wonderful community.

1). It's not the products, but the application
 - Don't get me wrong, I have some top beauty fav's, but at the end of the day, you can get soooo many great products that work equally as well and it really comes down to how you apply it.

2). Less is more
- Yes I know everyone says this, but boy is this ever true!! I look back on some of my pics and I noticed that I used more product and it def looks more natural when you apply anything subtly.

3). Yes eye makeup opens your eyes
 - Boy is this ever true!  Just notice the next time you take off your makeup leave one eye with makeup and one without, it makes a world of a difference and anytime I don't wear it everyone says, "oh you look sooo sleepy" lol.

4). Get rid of that face fuzz!
- So just about everyone has some face fuzz and most of it is actually light and not even noticeable, but makeup application goes on like wonders if you get rid of that crap.  I used the old fashioned blades that I get from a beauty supply store and they work beautiful.  They even help with hair around the eyebrows.  Not to mention, its exfoliating your skin as you do it!  You're moisturizer and makeup will look much more flawless without this peach fuzz :p

5). Eyebrows define everything!
 - Honestly without your eyebrows properly groomed, everything else will not look as good.  You must groom them and also fill in sparse areas with a similar eye shadow shade or an eyebrow filler of your choice.

6). Skin Care is CRUCIAL!
- Without proper skin care, no makeup will look good!  You really have to start from the inside out and take good care of your skin.  This will insure the best makeup application!

7). Lastly, YES makeup (if done properly) makes EVERYONE look better!
 - Personally I don't feel that I "need" to wear makeup, but I feel better when I do.  I feel like I'm put together and not walking out in my PJ's.  DO yourself a favor and sit down and watch some you tube vidoes on proper application.  This will be life changing and if done properly, you end up highlighting your best features and just looking like a better version of yourself and who doesn't want that??!!

I could really go on and on, but these are a bunch of ones that just popped in my head and wanted to share!  What have you learned over the years?  Would love to hear them :)

Lots of Love, Crystal XOXO

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