Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Lastest Beauty Purchase

Hey Dolls,

Lately I've been eyeing the innovative eye masks.  I've seen many celebs, such as Kourtney Kardashian wearing these and thought they might be nice to try, but didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money so I waited until I found a reasonably priced pack.  This brings me to my latest trip to Sephora and found that Boscia had a version of these hydration cooling eye gel pads called Boscia Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks.  Their's claim to " Revive the skin around the delicate eye area with these Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks. Infused with sake, antioxidants, and plant extracts, they work to brighten, firm, hydrate, and reduce the look of fine lines while restoring skintone and texture to prep skin for your skincare regimen."

I decided to buy them and just tried them for the first time last night.  The feeling of using them is wonderful because they are very cooling and not inconvenient.  You can put them on and then go about your business and then when they come off you are to supposed to rinse or anything and just rub in the left over residue into the skin.

They are C$19.00 for 3 pairs, so I thought that was a reasonable price, especially when SK-II sells them for well over a $150.
I'm going keep trying these and report back on my findings but first impressions definitely have been positive.

Have you tried any of these eye treatments??  If so what ones and did they work??

Lots of Love, Crystal XOXO

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