Sunday, 22 June 2014

Weekend Tidbits

Hey Dolls,

We're having a pretty relaxing weekend on this end and decided to share it with you guys :)

My Fiance, Petter,  is actually doing his Executive MBA, so once a month he has to drive into Toronto from Thurs-Sun for classes, so its just been me and the Pups for most of this weekend :)

Friday night I took them for a nice long walk after work and when we came back they were absolutely exhausted LOL .The pic below is just before they went for a nap :)

Petter didn't get home until late on Friday, so we didn't do much at all.  Just relaxed for a bit and then went to bed.
Saturday the pups and I just relaxed.  It was a little too warm to take them for a walk, so we hung out around home and in the backyard.

Saturday evening once Petter got home, we decided to go out for dinner and because the weather was sooo stunning, we decided to hit a patio and enjoy a cold one :)

Lately I haven't been doing too much in the makeup side of things...keeping it quite simple, but I did put myself together for this dinner, so here is a pic!  Most of my eyes are covered by my sunglasses, but I am sporting one of my all time favorite lip glosses, Celeste by Buxom.  These lip glosses in general are my fav, but Celeste and White Russian are my fav shades :)

And then Sunday is usually a relaxing day for us, even when Petter is home, but again, today its just myself and the pups!  Gonna take them for a walk, but this is how I started my Sunday....

I've been loving my Tassimo lately for lattes.  This is the Cafe Latte by Second Cup.  I add a little honey to mine and it is soooo delish!!! :)

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying your weekend....I really need to get better at this posting thing LOL

Lots of Love, Crystal XOXO

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