Monday, 19 August 2013

Sunday Funday

Hey All,

I done a little unexpected shopping yesterday and decided to do a quick blog on it!  My Fiance & I went for an awesome Sunday brunch and then he had to go to Home Depot so I tagged along but done some of my own shopping in the area instead of going to Home Depot!

First up, I went to Urban Barn.  This is the first time that I have ever been in this store and I was really impressed.  While, I could have purchased more than I did, the only 2 things I got were, this incredibly awesome Laughing Buddha and a lovely throw for my living room area that was on major sale!

After that, I dropped into Walmart quickly with the intention of finding a particular eye palette that one of my fav girls, ( @c_balz ) on YT, Facebook and Twitter :) recommended and was lucky enough to find it!!  Check her out, she is awesome and genuine.
The palette is awesome for everyday use!
Lastly, I have been searching for some good storage options for my makeup because I ran out of space along time ago and the clutter was getting unbearable, so I dropped into Solutions and found a great Acrylic organizer.  I couldn't seem to find it online, so I will take a couple of pictures of it when I get home and post....maybe a makeup storage collection :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of Summer :)

Lots of Love, Crystal XOXO

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