Sunday, 12 February 2012

Do's & Don'ts of Beauty

Hey Dolls,

Since taking a higher interest in beauty and beauty related products, I've also learned alot about what not to do and common mistakes people make while learning.  Most people make mistakes first starting off because its like anything, Practice makes perfect!  I'm not a professional makeup artist by any means but have learned some great tips from various makeup artists on You Tube.  Here are some of what I've learned.  Here we go...:)

1).  Don't - Wear eyeliner as a harsh line under your eye
       Do - Smudge it out with a small brush or even use eyeshadow for your liner

2). Don't - Pile on foundation
      Do - Less is more; just use a nice even coat.  Its meant to even out your skintone, not to  make you look like your wearing a mask

3). Don't - Try to cover every single blemish and mark on your face, plus you risk the chance of looking cakey
      Do - Let some of your flaws show through....its the flaws that make you look different and define your beauty

4). Don't - Put dark eyeshadow on your browbone
       Do - Blend out any harsh colors in your crease with a nice skin tone color to avoid these harsh lines, so everything from your lid to your browbone looks nicely blended without any harsh line

5). Don't - Wear dark lipstick with dark eyeshadow
      Do - Wear dark eyeshadow with a nude lip or a nude eye with dark or bright lipstick

6). Don't - Exfoliate your face everyday
       Do - Exfoliate 2-3 times a day or whatever best suits your skin

7). Don't - Put eyeliner on your whole lower waterline if you have small eyes because it will close up your eyes and make them look smaller
       Do - Put liner on your lower lid or only go in 2/3's of your waterline

8). Don't - Try multiple skincare products without giving them time to see if they work
      Do - Stick with a product for 6-8 weeks to see if it gives good results

9). Don't - Draw eyebrows on extremely dark
       Do - Color in any sparse areas with a color matching your natural haircolor

10). Don't - Overdue it on highlight products; they are meant to give you a Natural looking glow, not sparkle city
          Do - Invest in a good one that is finely milled and apply it to high points of cheekbones and brown bone.

Hope these help with your beauty routines...let me know if you have further questions :)

Lots of Love, Crystal...XOXO

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