Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Krazy for Kardashians

Hey Dolls,

Last year I finally found my holy grail and absolute favourite perfume EVER, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf!  I still love it to this day, but I did find a new current love.... (shhhhhh....don't tell Flowerbomb :p)

Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you how much I LOVE The Kardashians....its my guilty pleasure and I'm not ashamed...lol!  I follow their lives and watch all their shows.  I love the whole family, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be Kim, so I decided to give one of her perfumes a try..........well, one word AMAZING!!!!

It was released in 2011, so its not her newest one, but I absolutely love it! 

" Gold is a luxury that stands the test of time, a universal symbol of sophistication and glamour. Like a stunning piece of precious jewelry, Gold lends everyday style a surge of seductive sparkle and timeless beaut.", says Kim.

Description: The fragrant composition of Gold, intended for hot summer, begins with a rich burst of bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper. The heart includes a floral bouquet of jasmine, tender rose and dewy violet. The addictive base blends patchouli, sandalwood, amber and creamy benzoin, all wrapped in an elegant and warm veil of musk.

Have you tried any of her scents??  Let me know what you think if you do :)

Lots of Love, Crystal...XOXO

*pictures taken by my wonderful Fiance, Petter Hansson

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  1. I have wanted to get this for awhile now! I love the Kardashians style, not so much kim. Kourtney is my fav. I cant wait to try this out!