Tuesday, 20 March 2012

To Prime or Not To Prime...

Hey Dolls,

Yes this is the question today...to prime or not to prime??  That seems to be a popular question or opinion in the beauty community. I always look at it as an extra step, which I would always try to avoid, but the one thing I am on board with is an eye primer!

An eye primer is really awesome for concealing the eye (cover veins or redness) area and the biggest benefit, keeping your eyeshadow on and from creasing!!  I wouldn't wear eyeshadow without it at this point!  I'm currently using MAC Bare Canvas's Paint (see below):

As for, face primers, they are really great for people with oily skin because they tend to absorb the oil and can make your makeup last longer.  For me personally I have dry skin so I don't feel the need to wear a face primer and I never wear makeup for that long that I need a face primer....just my preference though :)

Do you wear a primer??

Lots of Love, Crystal...XOXO

* Picture taken from MAC Cosmetics Website :)


  1. I wear a face primer, eye primer AND lip primer. My favorite face primers are shy unread under base mousse, Chanel Le Blanc, and Marcelle hydra-C mattifying lotion. For eyes I use UDPP and for lips it's MAC prep and prime. I just picked up something from Clarins as well!

    1. Thats awesome! Primers are sooo awesome for girls with oily skin for ure!

  2. I actually blogged about using MAC Paint in Bare Canvas as a primer too! LOVE it. :) To me it's a great primer and you can wear it alone on days you are in a hurry!

    1. YAY!!! I actually used mine up since this post and purchased the painterly paint pot. Thats a great eye primer too :)