Monday, 16 May 2011

Minor Spring Cleaning

I have been racking my brain for the longest time trying to find organization ideas for my accessory necklaces.  I have 2 of those women jewelery holders for my finer jewelery, but it doesn't work for anything bulkier.  A little while back, I finally found something from Pier One that I thought would be an awesome idea.  Check out my setup below:

You could use any wall hooks to do this, but I personally loved the flower ones because they look more decorative.  I was also in need of some organziing for my makeup.  My boyfriend Petter was at Kitchen Stuff Plus, which is an awesome store for anyone who loves to cook btw and beats any other prices and found some cute plastic organizer's.  I LOVE these too because I had all my makeup products threw in a wicker basket, which looked cute, but was a little irritating when you're trying to find something.  Check out my setup below:

You could also use these for anything really because they got little compartments instead of having everything thrown in one bin mixed together.  I have another one that I use as well just to keep hair bands, nail clippers, etc.

Enjoy   :)