Monday, 23 January 2012

J-LO Glow

Hey Doll's!

I was watching American Idol the other night and as per the normal, was in awe of J-LO's makeup.  Since I've taken on more of an interest in this field, I notice other peoples makeup and what they use more often.  At one point I used to think that Jennifer Lopez had this naturally amazing glowy skin or thought that she took some sort of vitamin to achieve, but I can happily say that any of us ladies can achieve that glow with the right product and techniques!  Her skin doesn't naturally look that way guys, her makeup artist gives her that look :)

The technique is called "highlighting", which many makeup artists claim is the utmost important part to looking dewy and glowy but in a natural looking way and not obvious (if done properly of course).
The 3 basic places on your face to highlight are on the tops of your cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes and the very peak of your brow bone where your eyebrow angles.  Highlighting the cheekbones lifts them and gives you that glowy look, inner corners make you look more bright eyed/awake and brow bone lifts your eyebrows giving your eyes more of the focus.

There are tons and tons of products on the market to achieve this look and they range within powder or cream highlighters.  A beautiful white/silver sheen powder or cream eyeshadow will do the trick too!  White/pearl colours work best for fair skin and rosy/pink colors look best on darker skin.  MAC has a great product called Cream Color Base (pic below) that can work as a highlighter, shades Pearl and Shell are both very popular. You can apply them with a brush or just your fingers, whatever you prefer and works best for you :)

A cheaper drugstore product is Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder:
I'm still getting the hang of it myself and want to perfect it before teaching other people, but to learn awesome professional techniques check out beauty guru's on youtube.  There are soooo many that are seriously amazing in teaching beauty techniques and have changed my life completely!  I have many favs, but here are a few if ya want to check them out:

Good luck highlighting :D

Lots of Loves, Crystal...XOXO

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