Sunday, 1 May 2011


I have never been the type to wear blush in the past because to be honest, I could never get a colour that wouldn't make me look like a clown and this has never been the look that I was going for ;).  After doing my homework I found that many professional makeup artists, including Carmindy from What Not To Wear, all agree that blush is a key factor in making your face look more awake and alive!  I was sold at the awake part!  So, after more homework, I found the brand Nars that has a lovely collection of blushes.  They have numerous colours, but the shade Orgasm is ranked on sooo many beauty mags and blogs as one of the top best shades ever!  I decided to give it a try because reviews also said that it was good for all skin tones, so I jumped on Sephora's website and splurged a little :)....The Bay also sells the Nars brand I do believe!  I received it and gave it a it!!!  It's a beautiful peachy pink with a shimmery look, but not too shimmery....its gorgeous on!!  There's a pic below of the orgasm shade:

Continuing on with the Orgasmic theme, I also found that they had a lip gloss shade called Orgasm as well!  Lately I have been obsessed with lip gloss...I think it may have to do with looking at J-Lo's lips shine week after week on American Idol...geez can she look any more beautiful??  This shade is also said to be universal for all skin tones as well.  It's fairly light but because its a pink-peachy shade, it doesn't wash out light complexions like my own.  I really love this gloss as well!!  The products aren't cheap (orgasm blush $29 CAD and the gloss is $28 CAD), but these have been my 2 latest splurges because every girl deserves multiple orgasms....don't they?? ;)

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